Since 1985, Messob Ethiopian Restaurant has become an institution in Los Angeles for serving authentic Ethiopian-style cuisine emphasising the flavor and spice of our assortment of recipes.

Enjoying ethiopian cuisine is much more than just having a meal. It is about the experience as well. From our preparation to its final presentation, we make sure that each dish is of the highest quality with regards to ingredients and recipes. It is an attention to detail that you can taste in every bite.

We have also developed a number of vegan dishes that are strictly prepared and served to make sure that they are truly 100 % vegan. Whether you adhere to a vegan diet, or just want something a little different, you can enjoy delicious Ethiopian cuisine. We also specialize in Ethiopian coffee. Whether you would like to come in for a meal or just enjoy a really good cup of coffee by itself, your coffee will always be freshly roasted and brewed.

At Messob Ethiopian Restaurant, we want your dining experience to be more than just great food. Whether you are dining with friends, family or want a romantic evening, we offer a unique dining experience that is far from ordinary. We look forward to the opportunity to bring you a taste of Ethiopia.