Looking for a fun and exciting dining experience for you next date or for a romantic evening with your special person? Why not try Gursha! Gursha is an Ethiopian tradition of hand feeding your dinner companion. The tradition of giving Gursha plays on the exotic component of eating. Gursha means mouthful and refers to a morsel of food which one places carefully in another person’s mouth, usually as a gesture of affection. This is perfect for couples wanting an intimate experience that is out of the ordinary.

Gursha is exchanged between husband and wife and among friends and relatives. What can be more romantic that feeding your special man or woman by hand. You can sample many different dishes and enjoy the tastes and closeness of the experience.

We would love for you to experience the art of Gursha and enjoy this delicacy to its fullest. Come visit us at Messob Ethiopian Restaurant and enjoy a unique dining experience that is perfect for a romantic evening with that special person in your life. We look forward to serving you our delicious Ethiopian cuisine and helping you to experience Ethiopian culture as well. Make your next date or romantic evening a truly special event with Gursha at Messob.